Hiwatt Signature Series Little J Rig

The Hiwatt Little J rig is based on the original SAP head made for Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin. The Little J features a unique circuit at which offered a more driven tone than a standard Hiwatt Custom Amp The amplifier also has a unique, foot switchable cut circuit.The Hiwatt Little J rig comes complete with a scaled down 1x12 fane loaded Hiwatt cabinet and is perfect for home, studio and live use.

• 2 inputs Normal and Brilliant

• Class A

• 20/0.5W Switchable

• EL84 + ECC83 Valve Configuration

• Hiwatt Fane 1x12 Cabinet

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"I am a big fan of the hiwatt amp paired with a Fane speaker. It's a very neutral, clear and full sound. The extra overdrive on the Little J rig is the icing on the cake."

Freddie Cowan - The Vaccines