Hiwatt Signature Series Little D Rig

The Hiwatt Little D rig is based on the amplifier modified by Pete Cornish for Pink Floyd. The Little D featured 3 inputs, normal, brilliant and linked. the linked input allowing users to blend the tone of the normal and brilliant channels. The Hiwatt Little D rig comes complete with a scaled down 1x12 fane loaded WEM Starfinder cabinet and is perfect for home, studio and live use.

• 3 inputs Normal, Brilliant and Linked

• Class A

• 20/0.5W Switchable

• EL84 + ECC83 Valve Configuration

• Starfinder Fane 1x12 Cabinet

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All is so good! This amp is beyond amazing! The attack and harmonic breakup is so lush and creamy, while the wide tonal range (my favourite part!) is bell like and decadently voiced to perfection! On top of all this the amp is incredibly quiet and takes pedals extremely well. Truly, in my opinion, a solid build and well worth the wait and money. Hands down, this will be my go to forever!
I can't thank you enough for all your help on finding perfection! having played through a whole bunch of amps over a lifetime, I can't stress enough how happy I am with everything.
Paul - USA