This will be the option for those players with consideration for their audience. For the smaller venue, this amp is ideal given that you can get the classic Hiwatt sound as from the dr103, without sending the audience away with bleeding ears. It is also an excellent option for the studio. Dual channel pre-amp with high and low sensitivity inputs and normal and bright options on each. Volume controls for each channel and master volume control. 3 band EQ; bass, middle and treble. 2xEL34s at power stage, and either 4xECC83s or 3xECC83s and 1xECC81 (giving a tighter sound) at the preamp stage. Switchable 4, 8 and 16? output impedances and voltage selectors from 120v to 240v.

A familiar format taken to a new level. The Custom 50w Hiwatt power plant loaded with a pair of specially designed Fane speakers is truly a classic combination. Rich, pure delivery combined with awesome power and tone, this is Hiwatt at our best, and whether you realize it or not, you have probably heard this amp, along with the dr103, on many classic, timeless recordings. Enjoy.

Dimensions: 32kg, 685 - 285 - 535 (W x D x H) mm

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