Hiwatt Studio/Stage Head

Effectively, two amps in one. For the Stage setting, 4xEL84s at the output stage and 3xECC83s and a single ECC81 at the preamp delivers 40w of classic, Hiwatt tone. However, switch to the Studio setting, and this switches out one of the two pairs of EL84s delivering the same tone at more manageable levels. We’ve not left it that, either. Pull out the gain switch for even more overdrive than the usual setting, as our specially wound transformer ratchets up the output from the tubes. More? Dial in the level of reverb you need from the all tube design Accutronics spring reverb, and leave the volume control to the guitar; you won’t lose any tone in doing so. 3 band EQ, low and bright inputs and master volume complete the package. This is a really versatile amp, and unsurprisingly, one of our most popular.

Dimensions: 17Kg, 590 - 280 - 250 (W x D x H) mm


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