Hiwatt Custom 20 Head

Look at the facia of this amplifier, and it looks fairly standard, but don’t be fooled. The Custom 20 boasts some pretty clever circuitry in the EQ network. You could set the master volume and gain at full, but with all three tone controls set fully anti-clockwise, you’ll not hear a thing. It’s like having a further three volume controls set at different frequencies, which means you have such control of your tone, and what a tone! No FX loops, no DI or other interruptions, just you and the amp. 2xEL84s at output and 3xECC83s at pre-amp with this circuitry will give you tones, harmonics, creamy distortion and crunch that you didn’t think possible. Although the 150w 2x12 cabinet is the preferred option, the Custom 20 has more than enough oomph to drive our 4x12.
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