Hiwatt Catches up with Grieved

Hiwatt caught up with Swedish Dark Hardcore band Grieved to discuss their latest release, their use of Hiwatt amps and their recent move to Prosthetic records.
HW: Which guitarists inspired you as a young person? 
- Christian McMaster from Cursed. 
HW: What led you to getting your first Hiwatt? 
- Basically we were in the studio and had a tour coming up and our second guitarist who had just joined the band didn't have any gear. We had heard good things about Hiwatt among other brands, so we went on the Internet and found this guy who had 3 full Hiwatt rigs for sale. We bought them all and went on tour.
HW: What model and year do you use? 
- Among all of us we have two Hiwatt MaxWatt G200r heads, four Hiwatt M412, one MaxWatt B300 head, one MaxWatt 115 and one MaxWatt 410.
HW: How do you like to use your Hiwatt i.e. what is your favorite guitar/effect combination to use with it?
- Loud and through my ZCAT Big Reverb.
HW: What tracks/albums have you used your Hiwatt on?
- There's a few tracks we've used HiWatt on, you'll have to listen and find out for yourself.
We always use HiWatt live now. To bring all of the cabs and amps to shows definitely makes a huge difference.
HW: Who is your Hiwatt idol from the past and why?
- The Hives easily, with their all white backline. I remember watching this Swedish TV channel called ZTV when I was a kid and they showed the Walk Idiot Walk music video. Amazing.
HW: Prosthetic Records signing is a bold move, how did that come about?
- We are very proud to be a part of a label with such an immense roster. They've released some amazing record over the years. Our manager sent them some music and they were really into it and it went from there, quite naturally really. They seem to know what they are doing.
HW: Tell me about the mini album Samaritans and what people can expect from your debut record?
- We recorded Samaritans shortly after our first demo. The writing of the record was pretty rushed, still some alright songs though. It was the first time for us in a proper studio. The new record was less of a rush and we had more time to capture Grieved as a whole. More of everything. Heavier, groovier, catchier. We are very happy with how it's turned out.
.HW: Where did you record it? 
- In England at The Ranch Production House with Lewis Johns, a man with magic fingers when it comes to setting the guitar sound. We have been recording with him ever since Samaritans.
HW: Does it have any particular theme?
Heavy riffs
HW: What touring plans do you have for the coming year?
- We've just finished the album tour with Employed to Serve which was amazing. Lots of new place and lots of new people at the shows! We want go on tour forever, we'll be announcing more soon including some festivals hopefully. Tours are being booked as we speak.
HW: Where can people find out more about Grieved?
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