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After their amazing performance on the Letterman show Hiwatt caught up with Adam Granduciel from Philadephia band The War on Drugs, discussing his musical roots and passion for the Hiwatt tone.


HW:Which guitarists inspired you as a young person? 

AG: Jimmy Page, Neil Young, Jimi Hendrix and of course Pete Townshend

HW: What led you to getting a your first Hiwatt? 

AG: I love the classic british sound but I wanted something with enough headroom for all my pedals. Hiwatts are perfect for that! So clean and Clear and beautifully nasty when driven hard.

HW: What model and year do you use? 

AG: I have a 1972 DR103 and a 1978 Custom 50

HW: How do you like to use your Hiwatt i.e. what is your favorite guitar/effect combination to use with it?

AG: I love it with my Les Paul Deluxe straight into my Fuzz face, straight into the amp....maybe with my tape echo propped right on top of the head for a bit of echo!

HW: What tracks/albums have you used your Hiwatt on?

AG: I used a Hiwatt on numerous songs from the new album, lost in the dream. I used it frequently for clean, chiming stratocaster or telecaster tracks.

HW: Who is your Hiwatt idol from the past and why?War on drugsa

AG: Pete Townshend! What a legend. He's really the reason I wanted to play electric guitar. not only did he make playing electric look so cool, but those stacks of HIWATTS was just unbeatable!! He's a player of great passion but also of great nuance.

HW: Tell me about the album Lost in the dream?

AG: I co-produced it with Jeff Zeigkler and we recorded it in a number of different studios around the country. I'm a big studio geek so I wanted to go to some of the places I had read about over the years. We ended up with a lot of greta textures and special moments on tape.

HW: Where did you record it? 

AG: Echo Mountain in Asheville, my house in philly, Uniform recording in Philadelphia, The Fidelitorium in NC, Water Music in Hoboken, Miner St in Philadelphia and The Rare Book Room in Brooklyn.

HW: Does it have any particular theme?

AG: I think the main theme is about growing into adulthood and thinking about ones legacy and purpose in life. it's also about love and the importance of friendship

HW: What touring plans do you have for the coming year?

AG: We've been on tour non-stop since March!! Currently in the middle of another large US tour, then off to Europe for three weeks, then a string of sold out shows in australia, and then back over to the UK in February of 2015 for about 10 big shows!! then more next year I hope!!

HW: Where can people find out more about The War on Drugs?

AG: Facebook, or www.thewarondrugs.net